• KPC : India's first Digital Networking Platform for Khandelwal Students, Youth & Professionals across the world !

  • KPC supports Digital India - Lets come together to develop the Digital Literacy skills in Khandelwal Community !

  • Let bring some change together !

  • KPC Supports Clean India Initiative - Lets make pledge for the same !

  • Together we have mutual benefits !

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Welcome to a digital platform for networking of Khandelwal community Youth, Students & Professionals to interact,support and achieve mutual benefits from each other.
 Khandelwal Professionals Club stands for :
  • Building a Best Digital Networking Platform for Khandelwal Professionals 

  • Sharing Knowledge & Experience.

  • Exchange of Ideas.

  • Support for Personality Development & Grooming

  • Mentoring / Guidance.

  • Career Orientation and Job & Placement Assistance etc.

  • Building Network across world with Khandelwal Professional

  • Getting Mutual benefit through KPC Platform in Many areas and at many places.


 Prospects of Khandelwal Professionals Club !

  • Connect more & more Khandelwal Youth ,Students & Professionals to KPC

  • Interactive Online/Offline Sessions between Khandelwal professionals for Knowledge & experience sharing

  • Association with Welfare Activities & Building Networks for benefit of society

  • Supporting for Industry / Campus Visits

  • Arranging Training / Seminars for benefit of budding professionals.

  • Building a strong Khandelwal professionals Database for benefit of society

  • Many more in Pipeline to be implemented for the benefit & growth of KP’s, call for your support. 


If you feel,you are one of us, having the same zeal & enthusiasm,then connect through KPC now !

Khandelwal Professionals Club